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Science Canvas is launching its 1st online science project competition. Create your project this academic year with us in various topics, get 1:1 mentorship from our elite team, learn new statistical and frameworks for approaching projects.

This is the time when you can start working on the project you always wanted to create but because of little or no guidance, you decided not to pursue it. There is so much happening in the field of science and technology and you always wanted to learn the advancements by creating simple projects to boost your skills. You were passionate about hands-on projects, so now is the right time to show your skills and win not only the lucrative prizes but also chance to learn directly from us. We can help you to get started and extend the horizon of your idea. We believe no idea is big or small until you work on it and prove its impacts.

This competition will be in 2 rounds. On clearing the prelim round, you will be getting 1:1 mentorship from one of our team member to work on this project and eligible to submit this for next round upon completion. You will be given enough time to complete your idea and then zonal followed by final round will happen. Final round submission details and requirements will be provided once you have cleared the 1st round. This competition is a score based system on a scale of 100 points.

If an idea is not submitted – no matter how large or small. IT CANNOT WIN! So hurry up and come up with a cool idea along with it's demonstration, with some paper prototype, videos etc.

UN sustainable goal

Making the world a better place to live, countries under UN developed 17 sustainable goals to better save the earth and live better human life. Sept 25th, 2015 these goals were designed to end poverty, protect our planet and ensure prosperity for all.

It will be really interesting to see how a simple small innovative idea can help someone on this earth to led a better human life. It is our small initiative to tie this competition with these goals to support earth and people living here in every possible way. Do your part by matching and designing your innovative idea around these goals and let us know which theme you pick in the submission document.

Let's make the world a much better place by using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math the right innovative way!

UN Sustainable Goals

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Age Group

Age Group Name Age Group
Elementary 3rd – 5th
Junior 6th to 8th
Senior 9rd to 12th
Undergrad College Students

Fee Details

No fee to enter the competition. You will be required to pay for mentorship program only if needed for more than 30 mins free.


This competition is divided into 2 main rounds:



Must be from 1 of the below category and their subcategories:


Timeline for competiton

Events Important Dates
Prelim Round Submission Start 20th July 2017
Prelim Round Submission End 15th Sept 2017
Prelim Round Results Announcement 30th Sept 2017
Advanced Round2 - Submission Start 15th Nov 2017
Advanced Round2 - Submission End 30th Nov 2017
Advanced Round2- Zonal Results Announcement 15th Dec 2017
National Results Announcement 30th Dec 2017
Competition Schedule

Judging Criteria

We encourage learning by doing philosophy. And our main focus is innovation, hence our judging will be based on following:


Cash Prizes

Undergrad Category

Senior Category

Competition Schedule

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