About us

Science Canvas is a team of dedicated, hardworking, reliable and highly educated individuals who have achieved success in various fields of STEAM and who understand and believe in project based learning above everything else. Formed in 2015 as a response to the growing need for non-traditional and modern learning techniques that promotes self-discovery, knowledge construction, group discussions, transformational and team based learning, which is beneficial to students who want to explore their creativity, flexibility and options on what to learn. We employ the best teaching methods done in-person and online through our in-class as well as our virtual classroom or learning management system. Our programs are catered in a friendly and engaging manner to capture the student’s interest. We cultivate the passion of understanding the world around, put the technologies into the hands of students and help them build stuff, which makes this world a better place.

Who We Are?

Passionate individuals who are dedicated, hardworking, reliable and highly educated individuals who have achieved success in various fields of STEAM and who understand and believe in project based learning above everything else.

What We Believe?

We believe in a collaborative environment where practical learning is given importance. And where asking questions are always prioritized.

Learning by doing philosophy

We place education as a powerful tool in today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world. We believe in creating a world where everyone has access to knowledge and learning. We want to provide opportunities, which everyone can gain through education. "A Social-Network for students,teachers and parents community"


ScienceCanvas envisions every kid to be able to portray their scientific skills via more of practical learning approach. When young kids are exposed to modern science technologies at an early stage, it will help them in career.


Science Canvas adheres to its mission of providing quality education through affordable and creative ways. The core value of our program is the mentor based delivery method; project oriented learning content, exposure to latest technologies and trained tutors. We provide high quality of education through projects, based on a specific track with an affordable cost. We foster teamwork, group discussions and help create relationships with our students via mentor- mentee model. We nurture the thirst for practical knowledge and this speaks true of what we value most, project based learning.

about us

Why Science Canvas ?

Enabling a technology led platform to learn, innovate and collaborate for students.

  • Learning by collaboration:Enabling a technology led platform to learn, innovate and collaborate for students.
  • Ideapreneurship for creating a vibrant entrepreneurial atmosphere where students are taking the lead in finding solutions for real world problems.
  • To enhance their logical, analytical and technical skills required in their higher education.
  • To get a better understanding of technical concepts and their real world applications.
  • To get affordable and early introduction to cutting edge global technologies
  • To give equal exposure to an average student to gaze his/her interest in these areas, which in turn will help building their profile right from a young age.
  • Community with like-minded people to learn/share from each other.
  • CEncouraging and motivating students do their projects on their own rather than buying readymade from a shop, which can save a lot of money.
  • Help them to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively
  • To confidently participate in various national and international competitions.

Problem we are trying to solve ?

One question which constantly triggers a young inquisitive mind is - where is “what we study in school” applied or used in real world? Student wants to understand the connection with theoretical concepts and their application. Because of time constraint of strict school deadline and infrastructure challenges, the quest is ignored, which sometimes hinders with the passion to follow one’s dream. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Thanks to Moore’s law for the theory. But the question is “are today’s students ready to follow their dream and picking up right career?” We always want some sort of security, in this example due to parental or social pressure; job security becomes the top one. Students want to study to get a GOOD JOB. But once they land on to that job, it becomes monotonous over the period of time and eventually they feel bored. Hence, it becomes very important for them to pick a right career, understand their passion and their interest. In developing economies like India, student struggles throughout to get good marks, but they don’t get enough opportunity to showcase their real talent. They sometime don’t even know their true potential. And by the time they actually know about it, it’s already late. We as concerned citizens ignore to look at the true capability of a child and blindfolded by the marks they get in exams. We believe every student is a genius and due to lack of opportunities, infrastructure, social pressure, he/she never get a chance to understand their own potential and to showcase his/her real talent and forced to pick a career not meant for him/her. We often find an average student a little subdued and hesitant in nature. Is it because that student is scared and under-confident? How can we help that child to gain confidence? How can we bring enough learning activities to promote creativity, innovation, analytical thinking and problem solving? How can we promote collaboration over competition? Teaching using modern day techniques, project based curriculum and e learning brings various challenges to the institutions. How can we work collaboratively to achieve this goal? Having said about the problems we are focusing on, we are looking for a collaborative approach with schools to work on some of these opportunities.

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