In Founder's Word

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Neha Jaiswal

Founder,Science Canvas

Sr. Software Engineer @ Intuit Inc., USA

Ex-CTO - IndianRaga Inc., USA

MS Computer Science, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

BE Computer Science, Nagpur University, India

School Alumni - JVM, Shyamali & LLRBM Ranchi, India

I completed my Masters in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston with dual specialization in the field of Software Engineering and Networks. I am keenly interested in programming, security, data analytics and information retrieval. Technology is my passion and innovation is my belief. I joined Intuit as a TurboTax backend engineer to work on security of the product. I have been working on solving real world engineering problems and delighting our customers using data analytics unleashing power of Data engineering and Science.

I also acted, as the former Chief Technology Officer of IndianRaga Inc. IndianRaga is an online Indian classical music based educational platform startup, founded at MIT, Boston. I led the technical platform development in its early incubation.

I founded Science Canvas to help young inquisitive minds get in touch with latest technologies at an early stage. Explore and take innovation to next level. I believe this will became a great medium for me to give back to my country and helping school students to innovate and do wonders with the technology. And make the world a better place. Science Canvas focuses on STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math.

Technology is accelerating so fast. We live in an era where we are going to witness human landing on Mars in a decade. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet-Of-Things, Self Driving cars, Wearable tech, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning are to name some of the next-generation techs. That’s the future we all are heading. Hence, it becomes very important to learn and know their pros and cons. Best way to learn is learning by doing. Through Science Canvas I am trying to bring latest and greatest in the hands of young minds to explore. Learning these will help them in future to pick career and follow their dream. Studying theoretical concepts are so important, but so is doing more and more practical projects. It helps in developing the analytical and logical thinking. Studies says human remember more by doing over just reading.

Science Canvas will serve as a platform for students to connect with like-minded fellow students, learn by collaborating with them, connecting with experts. It is my small initiative towards making the best of our education system amalgamated with project-oriented culture to unleash the potential. And raise the bar high.

Come and join to make India the land of next-gen innovators, makers and creators.

Elon Musk quoted “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.”