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Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a device that helps in boiling the water or making it warm. Solar water heaters make use of the solar energy which is derived from the sun absolutely free. Also the solar energy is one which is available in abundance. The solar water heater can provide hot water for more than 605 of the household chores. Solar heaters are very cheap and it can help you save energy by 20%. Depending on the climate the heater helps in water warming. There are basically two types of solar water heaters, i.e. active and passive.

The active system makes use of pumps to move the water and also require a secondary source of power. You can place these systems anywhere you want, also these systems help in providing warm water when the temperature is freezing cold. A passive system is one that does not use pump. It works in a different panel initials heats the water which rises to the top of the current at the location of the water tank. Cold water is relatively pushed down to the solar panel for heating. This system is cheaper and one thing that has to be noted while using it is, it should be always placed above the solar panel.

Heating water with the help of solar water history is indeed a cost effective and is used not only for residential purposes, but also industries for generating electricity.

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