ScienceCanvas envisions every kid to be able to portray their scientific skills via more of practical learning approach. When young kids are exposed to modern science technologies at an early stage, it will help them in career.


Science Canvas adheres to its mission of providing quality education through affordable and creative ways. The core value of our program is the mentor based delivery method; project oriented learning content, exposure to latest technologies and trained tutors.


It's rightly, necessity is mother of invention. But true motivation of this idea is passion to give back. Helping young generation to leverage technology in best possible way and infact start creating such projects. We believe that innovation can be the true sense of advancement of an economy.


Students are the integral part of this platform. Its for the students, by the students. Students will play an important role in driving this platform. We are trying our best to build this network where students are collaborating like never before.

Why Science Canvas ?

  • Learning by collaboration: Enabling a technology led platform to learn, innovate and collaborate for students.
  • To enhance their logical, analytical and technical skills required in their higher education.
  • To get affordable and early introduction to cutting edge global technologies
  • Community with like-minded people to learn/share from each other.
  • Help them to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively


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